David Sheps   David Sheps, MD
Is ischemia in the genes?

November 16, 2011
Sharon Weiss   Karon Weiss, MD
Discovery of genetic translocation may lead to targeted tumor treatment

October 17, 2011
Beau Bruce   Beau Bruce, MD
Intracranial hypertension: its diagnosis, treatment, and consequences

September 27, 2011
Robin Bostick   Robin Bostick, MD, MPH
Low calcium, vitamin D intake linked to colon cancer risk
August 30, 2011
Field Willingham   Field Willingham, MD, MPH
A hybrid approach to ousting esophageal lesions

August 4, 2011
Michael Kuhar   Michael Kuhar, PhD
The chemistry of addiction

July 14, 2011
Arshed Quyyumi   Arshed Quyyumi, MD, FACC, FRCP
Getting to the heart of mental stress ischemia

May 19, 2011
Mark Rigby   Mark Rigby, MD:
Type 1 Diabetes: When T-Cells Run Amok

April 25, 2011
David Rye   David Rye, MD, PhD:
Restless legs syndrome is in the genes

March 30, 2011
Ann E. Rogers   Ann E. Rogers:
Weighing in on sleep and body mass

Feb. 24, 2011
Claire Sterk, PhD   Nancy Collop, MD:
Saying goodnight to sleep disorders

Jan. 27, 2011
Claire Sterk, PhD   Claire Sterk, PhD:
When a smoke isn’t just a smoke

Dec. 7, 2010
Claire Sterk, PhD   Guido Silvestri, MD:
Scientists still searching for HIV’s lethal ways

November 3, 2010
Marian Evatt, MD   Marian Evatt, MD:
Studies shedding light on vitamin D - Parkinson’s link

October 12, 2010
Lucky Jain, MD   Lucky Jain, MD:
Coming to terms with the increase in Caesarian sections

September 10, 2010
Sagar Lonial, MD   Sagar Lonial, MD:
When bone marrow goes bad

August 13, 2010
Bali Pulendran, PhD   Bali Pulendran, PhD:
When your immune system calls the shots

July 15, 2010
Viola Vaccarino, MD   Viola Vaccarino, MD, PhD:
What the head tells us about the heart

June 23, 2010
Lary Walker, PhD   Lary Walker, PhD:
Untangling the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease

June 3, 2010
Conrad Cole, MD, MPH   Conrad Cole, MD, MPH:
Micronutrients: Food for Thought

May 11, 2010
Saad Omer, MBBS, MPH, PhD   Saad Omer, MBBS, MPH, PhD:
The maximization of vaccinations

April 15, 2010
Paul Root Wolpe, PhD   Paul Root Wolpe, PhD:
Marrying ethics and medicine

March 31, 2010
Ted Johnson, MD   Ted Johnson, MD:
A new look at old age

March 3, 2010
Cynthia Anderson, MD   Cynthia Anderson, MD:
Surgery without the steel

February 11, 2010
Jana MacLeod, MD   Jana MacLeod, MD:
Preventing trips to the trauma unit

January 21, 2010
Charles Raison, MD   Charles Raison, MD:
Mind does matter

December 4, 2009
David Schulman, MD, MPH   David Schulman, MD, MPH:
Putting sleep disorders to rest

November 11, 2009
Donald Stein, PhD   Donald Stein, PhD:
Progesterone—It’s more than a sex hormone

October 23, 2009
James Steinberg, MD   James Steinberg, MD:
Preparing for novel H1N1

September 30, 2009
David Stephens, MD   David Stephens, MD:
Gained in translation

August 31, 2009
Rafi Ahmed, PhD   Rafi Ahmed, PhD:
A new and faster way to fight the flu

July 23, 2009
Javed Butler, MD, MPH   Javed Butler, MD, MPH:
Treating and preventing heart failure

July 1, 2009
K. M. Venkat Narayan, MD, MSc, MBA   K. M. Venkat Narayan, MD, MSc, MBA:
Tracking and treating heart disease and diabetes in south Asia

June 11, 2009
Todd Sherer, PhD   Todd Sherer, PhD:
Technology transfer—bringing research to the people

May 13, 2009
Chris Larsen, MD, DPhil   Chris Larsen, MD, DPhil:
Treating diabetes with islet transplants

January 29, 2009
Stuart Zola, PhD   Stuart Zola, PhD:
Diagnosing diseases linked to memory loss

April 15, 2009
Carlos Franco-Paredes, MD   Carlos Franco-Paredes, MD:
Attending to neglected tropical diseases

March 23, 2009
Greg Martin, MD, and Annette Esper, MD   Greg Martin, MD, and Annette Esper, MD:
The consequences of severe sepsis

March 2, 2009
Michael Burke, MD   Michael Burke, MD:
Helping patients cope with cancer's emotional fallout

February 16, 2009
Omer Kucuk, MD   Omer Kucuk, MD:
What fruits and vegetables have to do with cancer

January 14, 2009
Miriam Vos, MD   Miriam Vos, MD:
What's driving the increase in liver disease in children

December 18, 2008
Ernest Garcia, PhD   Ernest Garcia, PhD:
A dynamic diagnostic toolbox for cardiac care

December 4, 2008
Charles Staley, MD   Charles Staley, MD:
Cutting-edge treatments for rare cancers

November 13, 2008
Arthur Kellermann, MD, MPH   Arthur Kellermann, MD, MPH:
Swift action critical to restart heart

October 30, 2008
Helen Mayberg, MD   Helen Mayberg, MD:
A new look at depression

October 16, 2008
Max Cooper, MD   Max Cooper, MD:
T cells, B cells, and your immune system

September 25, 2008
Greg Berns, MD, PhD   Greg Berns, MD, PhD:
Neuroeconomics, decision making, and iconoclasts

September 10, 2008