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Emory Sound Science Podcast: Exploring New Treatments for Rare Cancers   Charles Staley, MD, chief of surgical oncology at Emory University School of Medicine and the Winship Cancer Institute, is exploring how new technolog... FULL STORY

Sex Differences Narrow in Death After Heart Attack, Study Shows   In recent years, women, particularly younger women, experienced larger improvements in hospital mortality after myocardial infarction than men, accord... FULL STORY

New Biomarker for Heart Failure Identified   Blood levels of resistin, a hormone produced by fat cells, can independently predict an individual’s risk of heart failure, cardiologists at Emory Uni... FULL STORY

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Emory Health - Fall 2008 Emory Health
Fall 2008

Making Better Doctors: Marcus Welby, move over
Public Health - Spring 2008 Public Health
Spring 2008

A Global Solution for Diabetes: Epidemiologist K.M. Venkat Narayan engages experts from South Asia and around the world to contain a global problem.
Emory Medicine -  Fall 2008 Emory Medicine
Fall 2008

The Hidden Truth About Alcohol: Chronic Drinking Takes Its Toll on the Lungs
Emory Nursing - Spring 2008 Emory Nursing
Spring 2008

The Global Nurse: A new book that shows the valor of nurses around the world.

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Emory Statement on Dr. Charles Nemeroff (10/14/08)

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