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Tragic loss

We are tremendously saddened by the tragic deaths of two people. Dr. John Bostwick III died suddenly and unexpectedly on January 11. He was the Director of the Division of Plastic Surgery in the SOM and Chief of Plastic Surgery for The Emory Clinic and Emory Hospital. He was to be named the William G. Hamm Professor of Surgery to honor his outstanding accomplishments. He was nationally known for his pioneering work in breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery. We all feel deeply the loss of our friend and colleague, who was an excellent surgeon, an outstanding teacher and mentor, and a gentle, soft-spoken, kind man. Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife and family.

Also tragically, Jose Luis Torres, 26, a drywall construction worker, fell to his death while working on the Whitehead Research Building. He had been in this country only three weeks. Mr. Torres displayed a great deal of courage in coming here without his family and with little knowledge of our language. We honor his memory and voice our sincere appreciation to all those who labor to build this outstanding research facility. We offer our sincere condolences to the Torres family.

Student research celebrated

Medical student researchers were recognized at the 46th Annual Medical Student Research Day ceremony on January 17, an event organized by Dr. Robert Rich. David Richards (M2) received the Helen Miller Award for an outstanding and meritorious short-term research project; Christel Biltoft (M2) received the Dean's Award for an exceptional research accomplishment; and Robin Klein (M2) received the Judge's Award for best poster presentation. Congratulations to these and all our medical students for their fine research efforts.

Back to school

SOM faculty went back to school for the second annual faculty development teaching workshop, "Learning to be Better Teachers." The December workshop featured Dr. LuAnn Wilkerson, Associate Dean for Medical Education at UCLA, as the keynote speaker. Our own SOM faculty also taught a variety of workshops on teaching skills, including mentoring, instructional design, and problem-based learning. Dr. William Branch did an outstanding job of coordinating this event, which was well received by the 90+ participants, who enjoyed the opportunity to further hone their teaching skills and to interact socially and professionally with colleagues from across disciplines. Thanks to all who showed their dedication to teaching by participating in this important event.

Fond farewell

Dr. Robert DeHaan, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Cell Biology, retired on December 31 after 27 years in the SOM. He leaves behind an outstanding record of service, teaching, and scholarship in cardiac development. Dr. DeHaan was the founding Director of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences and the Emory Ethics Center. Most recently, he developed the Elementary Science Education Partners Program, designed to help educators teach students through inquiry-based instruction. In recognition for his work, he received the first Bruce Alberts Award for Science Education from the American Society of Cell Biology. His contributions to Emory were further recognized with the university's prestigious Thomas Jefferson Award for service, and he twice received the SOM Outstanding Teacher Award. Dr. DeHaan's presence in the SOM will be truly missed.

Rewards reaped

The months of training, the grueling ride, and the diligent fund-raising of our AIDS Alaska Vaccine Ride team paid off. The Vaccine Center received a check for $1.17 million from the UCLA Foundation as its share of the $4.1 million raised to support HIV vaccine development at three vaccine centers nationwide. The 510-mile ride through Alaska was so rewarding that Emory's team has agreed to a ride across Alaska in 2001, a ride in Montana, and a ride from Montreal to Vermont. We are proud of your dedication and perseverance. Congratulations on a job well done!

Papageorge nominations due

Repay the dedication of a beloved teacher by nominating him or her for the Evangeline T. Papageorge Distinguished Teaching Award. The award and honorarium, given each year at graduation by the Emory Medical Alumni Association, honor the faculty member chosen as the most outstanding teacher in the SOM. Submit your nominations by March 16 to Sally Millet, Director of Alumni Relations and Development, 116 WHSCAB. For more information, call 727-0462. Note: All SOM faculty are considered honorary Emory alumni, regardless of where they attended medical school or completed their training, and are urged to submit nominations, along with students and alumni.

With thanks and appreciation

As the SOM begins the promotion process in earnest for this year, we want to acknowledge all those who were appointed and promoted to associate professor or professor as of September 1, 2000. Each faculty member demonstrated excellence in at least one of the following areas: scholarship, teaching, and service -- many in more than one area. Our faculty's dedication is deeply appreciated. Please join me in congratulating your colleagues.

Dr. Allen Beck, Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Dr. Scott Boden, Professor, Orthopaedics
Dr. Claire Coles, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Doyt Conn, Professor, Medicine*
Dr. Donald Davis, Professor, Medicine
Dr. John Douglas, Professor, Medicine
Dr. Imad El-Kebbi, Associate Professor, Medicine
Dr. Haian Fu, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. Antonio Guasch, Associate Professor, Medicine
Dr. Stephen Hanson, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Sandra Helmers, Associate Professor, Neurology*
Dr. Allen Hord, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Dr. Patricia Hudgins, Professor, Radiology
Dr. Muta Issa, Associate Professor, Urology
Dr. Margaret Jastreboff, Associate Professor, Otolaryngology*
Dr. Pawell Jastreboff, Professor, Otolaryngology*
Dr. Henry Keyserling, Professor, Pediatrics
Dr. Clinton Kilts, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Scott Lambert, Professor, Ophthalmology
Dr. Angel Leon, Associate Professor, Medicine
Dr. William Lewis, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Mary Lynch, Professor, Ophthalmology
Dr. Karen Mann, Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine*
Dr. Timothy Mapstone, Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery
Dr. J. Stephen McDaniel, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Luis Michelsen, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Dr. Andrew Miller, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Philip Ninan, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Frank Novembre, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. William O'Neil, Professor, Medicine
Dr. Nelson Oyesiku, Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Nikos Papanikolaou, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology*
Dr. Grace Pavlath, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. James Ramsay, Professor, Anesthesiology
Dr. Daniel Reines, Professor, Biochemistry
Dr. Gerald Rodts, Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery
Dr. Janet Rubin, Professor, Medicine
Dr. Jack Shanewise, Associate Professor, Anesthesiology
Dr. Jonathan Simons, Professor, Hematology/Oncology, in the Winship Cancer Institute*
Dr. William Small, Associate Professor, Radiology
Dr. Kevin Sullivan, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Dr. W. Gerald Teague, Professor, Pediatrics
Dr. Stefan Tigges, Associate Professor, Radiology
Dr. Stephen Traynelis, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Dr. Kay Vydareny, Professor, Radiology
Dr. Kimberly Workowski, Associate Professor, Medicine
Dr. Thomas Ziegler, Associate Professor, Medicine


Thomas J. Lawley, MD

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