Research with Animals at Emory
Past achievements, future goals, ongoing challenges

Many take for granted the revolutionary medical advances of the past century — and assume with equal confidence that such progress will continue and even accelerate. Not always recognized, however, is the critical role played by animal-based research in medicine’s past discoveries and developments and those yet to come. So many of us are or know cancer survivors, yet perhaps relatively few are aware that life-saving chemotherapy drugs were developed using rodents, rabbits, and monkeys. Cardiac bypass surgery has become almost commonplace in the U.S., but less well known is that the bypass surgical techniques, as well as the modern anesthesia methods without which invasive surgery would be impossible, were developed using dogs. Research with animals has been and continues to be an integral, irreplaceable element of biomedical research. Here you will find a general overview of animal-based research, examples of current research projects involving animals at Emory University, and links to other information sources.

Questions and answers about research with animals at Emory

Examples of biomedical research at Emory involving animals

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