July 20, 1997

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Claudia R. Adkison, J.D.,Ph.D., the executive associate dean for administration at Emory University School of Medicine, was selected as the recipient of the 1997 Huntingdon College Alumni Achievement Award. The award was presented at the Homecoming Alumni Awards and Reunion Luncheon on April 19th.

Dr. Adkison received her bachelor's degree from Huntingdon College, and completed a Ph.D. in anatomy at Tulane University School of Medicine in 1969. While at Tulane she was a National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Trainee. Her post-doctoral training was in myocardial biology at the Baylor College of Medicine on the research staff of Dr. Michael DeBakey. She then spent a year as an instructor at Baylor and Tulane, before coming to Emory in 1971 as an assistant professor, later associate professor, in Anatomy, where she taught medical and graduate students. She chaired the University Research Committee for several years and the University Senate for two terms and served on the medical school's Executive Curriculum Committee and Admissions Committee.

While working full time at Emory, Dr. Adkison entered Georgia State University Law School in 1987, where she was named Outstanding Female Law Student and served on the law review. After receiving her law degree in 1991, she joined the Atlanta law firm of Kilpatrick and Cody, where she specialized in intellectual property and health care law.

Since her appointment as executive associate dean for Administration for Emory University School of Medicine in 1995, she has handled many of the administrative matters that keep the school's teaching and research programs functioning smoothly. She supervises appointments and promotions for the 1,000 plus faculty and works closely with departmental chairs and administrators to address human resource issues, space needs, intradepartmental issues, information technology problems, and a myriad of other matters.

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