Public Health Magazine SPRING 1997
  • Lecture: Our Modern Plague
    Dean James Curran discusses the history and future of AIDS, the epidemic that has reshaped the modern world.
  • A Prayer for AIDS
    With AIDS deaths climbing in the black community, Stephen B. Thomas wants to find a way to debunk the myths surrounding the disease. The church, he believes, may hold the answer.
  • REAL Life Lessons
    Colleen DiIorio believes the best way to prevent HIV in teens is to delay sexual intercourse. Her project, Keepin' It R.E.A.L.!, explores how.
  • Putting a Price on Prevention
    The AIDS Information Center offers testing and counseling for HIV in Uganda, a service very much in demand, but can it pay for itself?
  • An Epidemic Ignored
    In a new book, a public health researcher explores an aspect of the AIDS epidemic that is largely ignored, the problem of HIV behind prison bars.
  • It's MAGIC
    A fellowship at the Rollins School of Public Health is evaluating an effort to Make AIDS Go Away In Children.
  • Supporting Player
    The growth of an AIDS training center brings both good news and bad. While it demonstrates the community's commitment to serve people living with AIDS, it unfortunately reflects the size of the epidemic in our society.

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