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The face of labor in Georgia and much of the southeastern United States is increasingly Hispanic. Photos by Ann Borden and Tom Himelick.

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La Mano de Obra: The Hand of the Worker
The United States economy depends increasingly on manual laborers from south of the border. Keeping these workers healthy is a challenge, especially when they are undocumented. RSPH faculty and students are stepping up to confront the unique public health needs of this recent addition to the melting pot.

Forgotten Disease of Forgotten People
Lymphatic filariasis is a disabling scourge for those living in many developing countries. A new center at RSPH is a crucial part of an international effort to wipe it off the globe. Eradicable differences Interview with Eric Ottesen, MD, director of the RSPH Lymphatic Filariasis Support Center.

Age-Old Questions
Americans are living longer than ever, but are they living better? RSPH faculty efforts span many disciplines to answer pressing questions surrounding the financial and quality-of-life costs of growing old.

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News from, for, and about alumni, including graduation as well as student and faculty award winners.

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