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MOMENTUM is a publication for faculty and staff of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center and its teaching, research, and clinical components. MOMENTUM chronicles, analyzes, and discusses the innovative programs and processes the center is undertaking to meet unprecedented changes in health care. Produced by the Health Sciences Publications Office in conjunction with the Emory University Publications Office.


Vol. VII, No. 1, Spring 2004 



Heart and soul
It's consistently ranked among the top 10 in the nation, patients flock here for the best cardiac care, and doctors travel here from around the world to study the latest procedures and techniques with the people who pioneered them. But what is it that makes the Emory Heart Center tick?

Good bone structure
More people will see an orthopaedist in their lifetime than any other specialist. Emory Healthcare is banking on its new Orthopaedics and Spine Center to keep many of those bones and joints moving.

Big Idea: The code breakers
When it's a beautiful day in DNA's epigenetic or biochemical neighborhood, genes seem to function just fine. But when histones go awry, the results may be cancer and other diseases. Scientists are trying to crack the entire histone code to understand better how these enzymes influence gene expression.

Moving forward
A Yerkes favorite is about to become famous for his DNA. Also read about how research on SARS, monkeypox, and HIV/AIDS will be conducted in a highly secure facility recently opened at Yerkes. Other news includes fighting Parkinson's with origami, nursing students examining school children in the British Virgin Islands, and more space planned for transplant patients.

Emory's new head of oral and maxillofacial surgery wants to reacquaint the community with the division's diverse services.

On point: Insuring America's health
An independent scientific body calls on the federal government to ensure that everyone has access to health insurance.

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