Vol. 5, No. 3 (Winter 2003)

MOMENTUM, Winter 2003


From the Director


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Battling back
Health care professionals have lost a great deal of status and esteem over the past decade. Until they can regain lost ground, it will be tough for their views to be heard in defining the future of health care in this country. On the home front, health, research, and education professionals must take the initiative in solving the problems they face.

New picture of health
After 100 years of use, film as a diagnostic tool is about to go the way of the typewriter at Emory Healthcare. Most of those floppy sheets of films used in X-rays, CT scans, and magnetic resonance imagery have been replaced throughout Emory Healthcare with digital images.

Big idea on a nanoscale
In this new column focusing on cutting-edge research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, chemist and biomedical engineer Shuming Nie explains how nanoparticles may open up a new world of discovery in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Moving Forward
News items include a new approach to serving more than 2 million meals a year, how we're working on improving our manners, innovative approaches to the nursing shortage, a new collaboration with deCODE genetics, a lung study for smokers, real-time defense against bioterrorism, and the "new, improved" Executive Health program.

Items of note include the first Woodruff Leadership Academy class, a digital approach to teaching epidemiology, and a record-setting Heart Walk.

On point: Medical liability--the crisis is now
Some physicians and hospitals are closing up shop for good because they can't afford to practice. Pulmonologist Alan Plummer, president of the Medical Association of Georgia, says it's time for the legislature to put caps on malpractice awards.



Editorial Chairman; Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center: Michael M. E. Johns

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Editor: Marlene Goldman

MOMENTUM is a publication for faculty and staff of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center and its teaching, research, and clinical components. MOMENTUM chronicles, analyzes, and discusses the innovative programs and processes the center is undertaking to meet unprecedented changes in health care. Produced by the Health Sciences Publications Office in conjunction with the Emory University Publications Office.


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