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MOMENTUM is a publication for faculty and staff of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center and its teaching, research, and clinical components. MOMENTUM chronicles, analyzes, and discusses the innovative programs and processes the center is undertaking to meet unprecedented changes in health care. Produced by the Health Sciences Publications Office in conjunction with the Emory University Publications Office.



Vol. VI, No. 1, Spring 2003  


From the director


Med-morphosis: Coming of age at The Emory Clinic
What Emory has learned from its clinic's significant successes and sometimes tumultuous 50-year history is that whither goes the clinic, so go the medical schools, the hospitals, and the university itself. Today as the clinic continues to reshape itself, it is breaking old molds and growing new wings.

Burden of proof
In the practice of medicine, the truth can be hard to find. Good doctors, like good scientists, must be skeptics, says one Emory cardiologist. But how much and what kind of research is enough to make reliable conclusions about the cause and effect of disease and the most effective treatments?

Big idea: Regenerative medicine
Focusing on cutting-edge research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, the "Big Idea" feature in this issue discusses a new approach to medicine which may unlock the secrets of healing and aging. Scientists are optimistic about harvesting adult stem cells from animals and humans and using innovative technologies to grow new tissues and repair damaged ones.

Moving forward

The company line
One giant laboratory
No more chicken scratch
Hard evidence
Physician, evaluate yourself?
What price security
EHCA realigns

Good numbers and faculty and staff honors are highlighted in this section.

On point: Smallpox, big risks?
The federal plan to offer smallpox vaccinations to 10 million health care, public health, and public safety employees posed some difficult questions for the Emory team charged with formulating a smallpox vaccination policy at Emory. That task force decided to support different policies at our affiliate institutions.



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