Vol. 4, No. 3 (Winter 2002)

MOMENTUM, Winter 2002


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Of mice and men
Scientists use animals in research to save human lives and improve human health. Yet animal rights advocates challenge - in increasingly bitter campaigns - whether man has the ethical right to experiment on animals. Emory scientists are going public about their research using animals and what is at stake.

Lives on the line
Penn. Johns Hopkins. Harvard. As those bastions of clinical research reeled from tragedy, administrators in medical centers across the country took heed and began closely examining their own clinical trials processes. At Emory, efforts are ongoing to ensure the safety of clinical trial volunteers.

Our GRA connection
The Georgia Research Alliance sparks scientific discovery in our state and is a model for the nation. Six eminent scientists at Emory are performing groundbreaking research, thanks to the GRA.

Moving forward
News items focus on outcomes research, a new study on humanism in medicine, and other developments throughout the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

On point: Perspectives on bioterrorism
Two Emory emergency physicians offer their views on bioterorrism and what we're doing to counter it.



Editorial Chairman; Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center: Michael M. E. Johns

Executive Editor: Jon Saxton

Editor: Marlene Goldman

MOMENTUM is a publication for faculty and staff of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center and its teaching, research, and clinical components. MOMENTUM chronicles, analyzes, and discusses the innovative programs and processes the center is undertaking to meet unprecedented changes in health care. Produced by the Health Sciences Publications Office in conjunction with the Emory University Publications Office.

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