Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 2002)

MOMENTUM, Fall 2002


From the Director


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Banking on benevolence
"If you don't ask, it won't happen." Many faculty and administrators recognize that philanthropy can make the difference between maintaining the status quo and going beyond excellence.

Healing the bottom line
As Emory Healthcare faces significant budget shortfalls in future years, new president and CEO John Fox is overseeing a far-reaching strategy to grow clinical revenues and deal aggressively with operating costs and resource consumption. It's as much about lifestyle and tradition as systems and organizations.

Moving Forward
News items cover the 2002 General Assembly's impact on health care, going paperless with electronic medical records, a groundswell of interest in nursing careers, the new General Clinical Research Center at Grady, closing the gap in cancer disparities, Gates Foundation international fellowships, another anthrax vaccine study, and a "dry run" at Emory Crawford Long Hospital's new Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

Graduation highlights and faculty and staff honors.

On point: Tell Congress what's at stake
Becoming informed and taking action are the only ways to ensure that Washington doesn't enact policies that hurt our patients and our pocketbooks, says Courtenay Dusenberry, Emory's director of federal affairs.



Editorial Chairman; Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center: Michael M. E. Johns

Executive Editor: Jon Saxton

Editor: Marlene Goldman

MOMENTUM is a publication for faculty and staff of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center and its teaching, research, and clinical components. MOMENTUM chronicles, analyzes, and discusses the innovative programs and processes the center is undertaking to meet unprecedented changes in health care. Produced by the Health Sciences Publications Office in conjunction with the Emory University Publications Office.


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