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An Ambitious Agenda

The Lillian Carter Center for International Nursing gets down to business with a historic forum on the global workforce.
By Pam Auchmutey

Demented or Determined?

Miss Lillian goes to India.
By Gretchen Decker

A Dream Shared

The vision of two leaders from different eras gives rise to an international nursing center for Emory.
By Pam Auchmutey


F e a t u r e s

The World Is Our Classroom

A new organization and graduate major prepare students who can lead the way in international nursing.
By Valerie Gregg

New Horizons

Nursing faculty forge strong links with the international community.
By Pam Auchmutey

The Ties that Bind

From Sweden to Nepal, Emory nursing alumni provide the best in patient care.
By Pam Auchmutey and Matt Huff



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