D  o  n  o  r     R  e  p  o  r  t

Help Open the Doors to Our Future

The nursing school’s much anticipated new building will be located at 1520 Clifton Road—a special address for a special time in the school’s history! This new home for nursing will encompass approximately 100,000 square feet and has been designed to echo the classic look of Emory architecture that you see on the university’s quadrangle, complete with arched doorways, marble accents, and a red tile roof.

“Opening Doors to the Future” is the theme the Nurses Alumni Association has picked to help energize alumni to become a part of this effort by funding a premier room in the new building. An appropriate and elegant plaque will be permanently displayed in this space, listing the names of all alumni who participated in what we are calling the 1520 Project. Your gifts to open this room will open doors for future generations of Emory nursing students and will send a message of your support to tomorrow’s Emory nurses. Gift opportunities are available at a wide variety of levels. For information on how you can join the 1520 Project, I encourage you to give me a call at 404-727-6917 or refer to the postcard in the center of this magazine.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank several alumni of the school who have already contributed generously to help shape our new home. Miss Elizabeth Edwards, 48N, 60MN, of Saluda, S.C., has funded a senior faculty office that will be named in memory of Julia Miller, the first dean of Emory’s nursing school. Mrs. Ruby Turner Hargis, 47N, of Rome, Ga., has endowed a research office in the name of her late husband, Dr. Edward MacDonald, a former faculty member of Emory’s dental school. Kay Chitty, 65N, 68MN, and her husband, Charles, of Charleston, S.C, have provided funds for a student lounge. Elaine and Byrne Litschgi, of Tampa, Fla., have funded a student services center which will be named in honor of their daughter, Kathleen Litschgi McElwaney.

We sincerely thank all of these prescient donors, and we encourage their classmates to follow their example in giving today to ensure the future of Emory nursing.


Anne R. Bavier, 73MN, FAAN
Assistant Dean for Development,
Alumni and External Relations




Alumni Giving 1998–1999

Century (CE)  between $100 and $249
Nightingale (NG)  between $250 and $499
Clifton Club (CC)  between $500 and $999
Lamplighter (LL)  between $1,000 and $2,499
Advocates Circle (AC) between
$2,500 and $4,999
Deans Circle (DC) between $5,000 and $24,999
Quadrangle Society (QS) more than $25,000
Leadership League (LLe) more than $100,000


At the Top of Their Classes
The School of Nursing offers two prizes for reunion classes: the Reunion Cup for the reunion class that makes the largest total gift and the Spirit of Nursing Trophy for the class with the highest percentage of participation. At Alumni Weekend 99, the Reunion Cup went to the Classes of 1949 and 1979. The Spirit of Nursing Trophy went to the Class of 1949 (pictured below), which had a 60% participation rate. In 2000, all classes that end with a 5 or a 0 will be competing for these awards.




Crawford Long: A joint research team from the School of Nursing and Crawford Long Hospital met recently at Crawford Long, which will soon undergo renovation. However, the School of Nursing will preserve Crawford Long’s architectural heritage and its own nursing history when it displays the table at which this team sits as well as other artifacts from Crawford Long at its own new building. Among the treasures will be chandeliers, an arched door, frieze panels, a fireplace mantel, and a portico.



Let’s Go Higher

In 1998–1999, 1,156 alumni gave a total of $98,051 to the School of Nursing. The average gift was $84.81. Last year, the average gift was just $63.44.






The following class 
gift totals apply to 
the annual fund only.
Many also gave to 
restricted use accounts.
Edith F. Elders
Mary Belle Wilson
Elizabeth Wood Agnor
Lucile G. Newhard (CE)
Harriet H. McDonald (AC)
Mabel W. Hamrick (CC)
Fannie T. Intemann
Ethel Dooley Curry (CE)
Alice H. McCurdy (CE)
Judy Morgan Castellow 
Nancy B. Walton
Kathleen R. Brown
Mildred B. Madden (CE)
Bernice C. Ray
Laura H. Cates (CE)
Louise D. Dial
Mrs. A. Eugene Hauck (CE)
Pauline R. Ross (CE)
Cmdr. Maude Walton Akerley 
Edith F. Honeycutt (CE)
Elizabeth S. Hutchins 
Frances Starnes Ransmeier
Marguerite B. Williams (CE)
Joye C. Bradley
Grace S. Clifford
Mrs. Marvin E. Rogers 
Frances Hill Rothrock
Virginia D. Baldwin (CE)
Juanita C. Schmierer
Roxana M. Fitzpatrick (NG)
Anna Hounshell Guy 
Mrs. John C. Kirby (CE)
Mrs. Thomas G. Tiller Jr.
Margaret Wigley
Hettie Love Wine-Garnett
Eloise H. Cavin
Olive Galloway (CE)
Kathryn Pope Haisten
Lena Ruth McCullough
Carolyn B. Stephens 
Mrs. Harry C. Dubia Jr.
Mrs. Maynard A. Fosberg 
Peggy O. Fraser 
Harriet McIntosh (CE)
Mrs. Lester Rumble (CC)
Mrs. Edna M. Suberly (CE)
Mrs. W. E. Taylor Jr.
Mrs. John M. Ball
Mary Ann Beall
Dorothy M. Dunn (CE)
Jane Murphy Fielder (CE)
Elizabeth Farnsworth Geheber
Harriet S. Head 
Rowanne Ligon (NG)
Lucy M. Pierce (CE)
Oneida S. Pike
Mrs. Jacob R. Rozier
Mrs. J. D. Sessoms
Dr. C. Margaret Singleton
Thelma Scollens Stewart 
Mrs. D. M. Windley III
31% of the class gave $1,002.
Mrs. Dennis Brent
Vera Lee C. Cameron 
Mrs. Dennis E. Dishner (CE)
Mrs. David W. Dunaphant 
Merle Ann Harvey Jensen (CE)
Mrs. Richard H. Kilbourne
Mrs. J. Langdon Moss Sr.
Mrs. Dixon R. Olive Jr.
Helen P. Rainer 
Margaret Jennings Scott 
Luella F. Selig
Mrs. Lewis C. Spruill
27% of the class gave $550.
Mrs. Eugene B. Anderson 
Christine Gamble Camp (CE)
Nannie Ora Dodgen 
Hilary C. Gardner 
Mrs. Donald E. Harding 
Ruby T. Hargis (AC)
Betty Hatcher (CE)
Mrs. Thomas L. Hodges Jr. 
Claudia M. Jones-Barthelmeh
Mrs. Frank D. Kilgo 
Mrs. William E. Nall 
Christine L. Sappington 
Nancy N. Siewert 
Sybil S. Turner 
Isabelle Webb (CC)
Betty L. Winn 
27% of the class gave $1,180.
Nancy Pool Barker (LL)
Ellen Humphries Bracewell (CE)
Margaret J. Butler 
Helen C. Carson 
Marialys M. Dekom 
Doris K. Dickinson 
Elsie P. Dolan
Elizabeth Edwards (QS)
Mrs. T. Gray Fountain 
Mrs. A. R. Gholson 
Evelyn Holden Grovenstein 
Anita T. Hill 
Eleanore Hucks Johnson
Marilyn Thompson Little 
Betty Ross Maugans 
Carolyn N. Scott 
Martha Shields Sharp 
Ruth M. Smith 
Barbara Wetherell Stanton (CE)
Kathryn S. Thomas
Rose Barron Wilson 
Cathryn C. Yantis 
Mrs. Paul F. Zeliff
41% of the class gave $2,880.
Peggy L. Caldwell (CE)
Ella G. Charnley 
Virginia P. Cloud 
Anne B. Davis (CE)
Mrs. Allan E. Elomaa (CE)
Frances N. Gardner 
Mrs. Willard H. Grant 
Dr. Mary Owens Hall (NG)
Mabel W. Hamrick (CC)
Carol C. Mizell (CE)
Mrs. Robert P. Northington Jr.
Faye Price 
Mrs. Avis B. Rabin (CE)
Mrs. Hugh M. Richards (CE)
Mrs. Wiley S. Rogers 
Mrs. R. B. Roney 
Carol Turrentine 
Beth J. Verdicchio (CE)
Betty Ellis Wade 
60% of the class gave $1,875.
Mrs. Harmon B. Clemmons 
Mrs. Joseph D. Edens (CE)
Sue R. Horne (CE)
Mrs. Laurens Horstman (NG)
Marilyn W. May 
Mrs. Philip B. Paty 
Barbara K. Slauson 
Edyth McKibben Snow (CE)
Mrs. Warren Stribling III (CE)
33% of the class gave $665.
Joan D. Benson 
Ellen D. Blackwell 
Mrs. W. Luther Carden 
Betty S. Daniels (NG)
Joan K. Fulghum
Rosalind W. Harrison (NG)
Mrs. Tommie B. Kappler Jr. 
Jacquelyn M. Lindberg 
Harriet H. McDonald (AC)
Ruth Melber 
Elaine Stallings Seegar 
Carnie B. Seymour 
Mrs. Harry E. Shore Jr. 
Beverly H. Sigman 
Betty P. Spence 
Mrs. Richard Sundberg (CE)
Janie T. Trussell 
Faith D. Ward 
46% of the class gave $3,510.
Anna J. Allen
Mrs. Oscar L. Ayers Jr. 
Martha Ann Bailey 
Mary Kate Beatie 
Mrs. Bernard L. Blackwell (CE)
Mrs. Leonard R. Brown 
Mrs. Lorenz M. Getz Sr. (CE)
Virginia P. Gilmore (LL)
Carolyn H. Gordon (CE)
Mrs. Fred W. Graf Jr. 
Willene J. Grant (NG)
Sara H. Harrington (CE)
JoAnn Craig Hogan 
Jacqueline F. Jones 
Jan Jo King (CE)
Ann F. Martin 
Carlene M. Piloian 
Ann O. Rooney 
Helen S. Smith (CE)
Mrs. George Snelling (LL)
Lorraine L. Spivey (LL)
Betty Marie Stewart (CC)
Ann M. Sullivan (CE)
Mrs. Bob Tolar 
Jeanne S. Wynne 
50% of the class gave $6,118.
Marian S. Bennett 
Susan A. Brewer
Margaret A. Crocker 
Pauline V. Ellis (CE)
Carolyn Huggins (CE)
Barbra R. Jones 
Patricia E. Mark 
Mrs. Thomas E. McDonough Jr.
Anne W. Michie 
Rose Marie Moore 
Mary Jane Myrna 
Mrs. Bill L. Norman 
Mrs. Thomas P. Owens (CE)
Muriel K. Taylor 
Mrs. Daniel M. Worley 
41% of the class gave $820.
Dorothy Jean Allen 
Virginia M. Copeland 
Mrs. Lorenz M. Getz Sr. (CE)
Mrs. James F. Langford (CC)
Joyce E. Myers 
Mrs. Norris A. Randall 
Lois L. Robinson 
Anne A. Wallace 
23% of the class gave $920.
Gretchen L. Artman (CE)
Dr. Em Olivia Bevis (CE)
Louise Tribble Cerny 
Dr. Mary C. Dowe (CE)
Rosalind W. Harrison (NG)
Dr. Hazel B. Marshall (CC)
Ruby Towns Masters 
Mrs. Joseph E. McGahey 
Mrs. George E. Moore Jr.
Nancy G. Moss (CE)
Mrs. William B. Mullins (CE)
Betty Jean Dix Pritchett (CE)
Dr. Judy M. Travis 
Mrs. Morgan D. Wynne Jr. 
40% of the class gave $1,570.
Martha A. Baron (CE)
Ann Y. Bull (CE)
Lenna Quenelle Dunn Burnes
Melissa Hood Burroughs (CE)
Anna M. Carter 
Dr. Muriel E. Chapman 
Mrs. R. J. Gould 
Carol Hadley Hattler (CE)
JoAnn Hayes (CE)
JoAnn G. King 
Mrs. Harry W. Kinsley Jr. (CE)
Dr. Evangeline B. Lane 
Marian H. Leslie (CE)
Katherine Marcadis (CE)
Phyllis McIlrath
Mrs. Raymond R. Murphy
Nancy R. Reitinger 
C. Jane Roberts (CE)
Dr. Constance H. Skalak
Marie C. Sweeting 
42% of the class gave $1,655.
Mrs. C. W. Aurich
Mrs. Jere L. Beasley (NG)
Sandra Smith Freeman (CE)
Mrs. R. Vernon Fuller Jr. 
Carol L. Hargis (CE)
Norma J. Mash 
Harriet H. McDonald (AC)
Donna Moss 
Shirley Allgood Mushet (CE)
Roberta Chidsey Neff 
Mary Francis Allen Nelson (CE)
Aileen S. Prevost (CE)
Jean Ray 
Barbara A. Reed (NG)
The Rev. Anne Sayre 
Betty Tillery 
Mrs. Ronald I. Wolfson (CE)
39% of the class gave $3,815.
Dr. Marian K. Baur (CE)
Mrs. T. Russell Beck (CE)
Marjorie D. Childre 
Janice W. Edwards 
Mrs. Lorenz M. Getz Sr. (CE)
Elizabeth L. Good (CE)
Elizabeth G. Green 
Kay S. Kunzer 
Mrs. Rupert S. LeCraw 
Joyce E. Myers
June O'Shields 
Louise Parker 
Anna Lee Sanders 
Joan E. Slavin 
Ann P. Spann 
Patricia M. Stowell 
Elizabeth L. Thompson (CE)
33% of the class gave $1,065.
Lenna Quenelle Dunn Burnes
Mrs. Hal H. Conroy 
Dr. Nancy F. Courts (CE)
Patricia Hardman 
Alva Ann Hardin Martin 
Julianne P. Ohashi 
Anna Lee Sanders 
Ruth M. Smith 
Nancy S. Waters 
22% of the class gave $340.
Marilynn Adams Barham 
Shirley Chapman 
Elizabeth Edwards (QS)
JoAnn Hayes (CE)
Mary B. Hise (NG)
Mrs. Richard A. Johnson 
Katherine Marcadis (CE)
Dr. Hazel B. Marshall (CC)
Alva Ann Hardin Martin 
Roberta Chidsey Neff 
Emily C. Serfling (CE)
Dr. Patricia L. Starck (CE)
Joanna D. Thomas (CE)
M. Jeanette Waits 
41% of the class gave $2,745.
Anna V. Alexander 
Martha H. Castor 
Sara G. Deisch 
Dr. Mary C. Dowe (CE)
Dr. Virginia M. Harmeyer 
Dr. Sarah H. Killgore (CE)
Sandra Samz 
Dr. Constance H. Skalak 
Sue Jordan Starnes 
Dr. Maureen F. Steadman 
Ann C. Thomas (CE)
27% of the class gave $545.
Mrs. J. L. Cole
Mrs. M. G. Conner 
Ruth Emmanuel 
Angela Bryant Forrence (CC)
Dr. Mary Owens Hall (NG)
Helene R. Hand 
Dr. Linda Walter Johnston 
Clara Jennelle Langston 
Eleanor H. Lowry (CE)
Dr. Malinda L. Murray (NG)
Mrs. William L. Scott 
Mrs. Beverly S. Tuttle
Diane Vander Kraats 
Dr. Anne J. Wells (CE)
33% of the class gave $1,650.
Emily C. Aguirre 
Mrs. Lee T. Allen 
Verdelle Bellamy (CE)
Shirley Chapman 
Mrs. Richard B. Colditz 
Barbara B. Crank 
Mrs. Arthur L. Edmister 
Jacquelin E. Graves
June W. Gray (CE)
Marilyn Johnson 
Elizabeth Wood Littrell (LL)
Julie P. Smith 
Mrs. Leo A. Smith 
Dr. Patricia L. Starck (CE)
Betty Tillery 
Dr. Carolyn P. Vrtunski
Dr. Armenia Martin Williams 
30% of the class gave $1,990.
Betty W. Anderson 
Kate K. Beveridge 
Mary T. Boynton (NG)
Susan A. Brewer 
Dr. Betty J. Carmack 
Bertram B. Dales III
Dr. Mary A. Dell 
June W. Gray (CE)
Dr. G. Ruth Hepler (CE)
Eleanor H. Lowry (CE)
Phyllis McIlrath 
Dr. Ramona T. Mercer 
Dr. Julianne P. Ohashi 
Martha Lane Orr (CE)
Margaret F. Rhodes (CE)
Glenda N. Rossiter 
Pamela Russell Tibbitts 
Monda Susan Wade 
Dr. Armenia Martin Williams 
34% of the class gave $1,285.
Joan S. Cady (CE)
Judy W. Carter 
Kay K. Chitty (QS)
Colquitt Clark III
Mildred R. Elliott (CE)
Julia S. Garner (CE)
Dr. Vail P. Garvin (CE)
Mrs. Julian Robert Goodrich Jr.
Joanne Goodson 
Reba D. Hayes 
Dr. G. Ruth Hepler (CE)
Mrs. Donald V. Jackson (CE)
Sally T. Lehr (LL)
Rowanne Ligon (NG)
Margaret M. McCracken 
Dr. Rose F. McGee 
Dr. Janice E. Micali (NG)
Mrs. William E. Mock (CE)
Martha Lane Orr (CE)
Esther Mumford Peirce (CE)
Mrs. Edward H. Phillips (CE)
Susie M. Rowe (LL)
Mrs. Richard H. Sefcik 
Irene Ann Sprague 
Mrs. Mack N. Spruell (CE)
Mrs. John St. Clair 
Barbara G. Stevens (NG)
Dr. Roma Lee Taunton 
Margaret B. Wilson 
35% of the class gave $4,505.
Donna Robertson Baughcum 
Dr. Geneva N. Bowen (NG)
Dr. San Cho Chun (LL)
Mildred R. Elliott (CE)
Julia S. Garner (CE)
Elizabeth H. Godbold (CE)
Mary Earle Rice Haynes (CE)
Elizabeth S. Jones 
Laura B. Long 
Mrs. Wallace McDonald 
Cynthia B. Patterson 
Linda Patrick Picklesimer 
Faye F. Russell (CE)
Irene Ann Sprague 
Claudette W. Strickland (CE)
Martha C. Thomas (NG)
Mrs. Jack T. Wynn 
Juanita M. Yarborough (CE)
20% of the class gave $2,295.
Joye C. Bradley 
Dr. Janet Burge 
Dr. Carol T. Bush 
Mrs. William J. Cameron 
Mary Nell Lewis Campbell 
Hansel L. Church 
Betty S. Daniels (NG)
Lucile M. Dismukes 
Dr. Merrian E. Douglass 
Monique Farill 
Mrs. Thomas D. Hart Jr. (CE)
Elizabeth S. Jones 
Nova Jane McCombs 
Dr. Johnie N. Mozingo 
Esther Mumford Peirce (CE)
Della T. Royston 
Adell V. Sharpless 
Dr. Linda G. Staurovsky 
Mrs. Jack T. Wynn 
26% of the class gave $1,055.
Jane Martin Atkinson 
Kate K. Beveridge 
Mrs. Lee Bowen 
Mrs. Wayne D. Bradley (CE)
Beverly Bryant (CE)
Carol Ann Burnes 
Mrs. David R. Butcher (CE)
Mrs. Sammy C. Campbell
Mrs. Yusoon P. Chang (NG)
Kay K. Chitty (QS)
Francis A. Creegan (CE)
Mrs. James B. Davis 
Rosella Deriso (CE)
Judith T. Foster (CE)
Alice J. Godfrey (CE)
Cynthia K. Johnston 
Mrs. David H. Martin (CE)
Mrs. Lynn H. McCloskey (CE)
Mrs. James L. McGarity
Lynda R. McQuaig (CE)
Loria F. Menousek
Susan Minter 
Dr. Celeste C. Northrop 
Linda L. O'Neill 
Patricia D. Perry
Mrs. James T. Pruitt 
Mrs. Carl Rauschenberg (CE)
Mrs. William Rule IV
Carnie B. Seymour 
Margo D. Snider (CE)
Dr. Maureen F. Steadman
Mrs. Robert Sullivan Jr. (CE)
Alice L. Willis 
Sandra G. Withers (CE)
37% of the class gave $2,950.
Mrs. Jack Bryant 
Phyllis A. Combs 
Mrs. Cecil E. Davis 
Mrs. W. H. Earley (CE)
Dr. Margaret S. Eidson (CE)
Mrs. Samuel M. Goodrich (CE)
Rosemary N. Greenlee 
Winniefred A. Jones (CE)
Elizabeth S. Kelly (CE)
Rosemary Kriner
A. Byrdell Martin 
Dr. Helen Auton Presz 
Carole E. Ritter 
Fenner-Marie Shupe 
Margaret A. Strickhouser 
Mrs. Martin B. Tanner (CE)
Celia T. Williams
20% of the class gave $1,110.
Mrs. John E. Barnett Jr.
Linda F. Burke
Mrs. Edwin A. Dodson Sr.
Kathryn N. Donovan
Judy Helms 
Glenda Cox Jevans 
Myra H. Kerr 
Charlotte James Koehler 
Dr. Glenn Ann Martin (LL)
Sara B. Mursch
Dr. Susan J. Smith 
Mrs. James B. Steiner 
Teena Dein Verbit 
Sara J. Wells 
Jo Ann West
Alice L. Willis
Janet Payne Zeigler 
18% of the class gave $605.
Martha Wingard Ballard 
Mrs. Paul R. Brandt 
Nancy L. Cabaniss 
Penelope Beecher Collins 
Jane M. Cook (CE)
Anne B. Davis (CE)
Deena Damsky Dell 
Judith H. Dorsey (CE)
Gail Ford 
Barbara A. Graham
Rachel D. Hargather
Carol-Jane Horn
Mrs. Robert C. Hubbard III 
Leslie Kern (CE)
Claudia J. Lawton 
Kristine H. Lebbos 
Joan N. MacKechnie 
Linda D. McClure 
Margaret M. McCracken 
Miriam G. McLarty
Arnold Meacham 
Dr. Marlene Mitchell-Tibbs
Maureen Ward Moffatt
Donna S. Monroe
Phyllis D. Nappier 
Maryann Park 
Lucy M. Richardson (CE)
Mrs. B.J. Reavis Romanoff
Kathleen Gamble Simmons 
L. Suzanne Sorrells 
Dr. Marcia K. Stanhope (CE)
Linda Swindall
Clare C. Toy 
Dr. Sandra L. Venegoni
Sandra L. Willmarth
Carole N. Willmot 
Rebecca B. Work (CE)
35% of the class gave $1,840.
Lynne Sarafian Anderson (CE)
Elizabeth Goodloe Arsuaga 
E. Ann J. Baker (LL)
Lynne D. Breed 
Thom Clark (CE)
Sally A. Dobbins 
Barbara E. Drake (CE)
Guerry S. Dyes 
Ellen L. Eggland 
Linda S. Fish (CE)
Barbara J. Fletcher 
Kathryn Grey Gatins 
Sarah L. Keeling 
Dr. Nancy F. Langston (NG)
Carol Bussey Levy 
Frances Long 
Dr. Glenn Ann Martin (LL)
Mrs. Thomas A. McCabe (CC)
Virginia Merritt 
Ann Marie A. Mullen 
Rev. Dorothy Valin Osgood
Mrs. W. Scott Parks Jr. (CE)
Jeanne S. Rabold 
Dr. Linda F. Samson 
Catherine D. Stevens (CE)
Anne D. Sumpter 
Dr. Suzanne Dixson Thomas 
Mrs. Robert Trauner 
22% of the class gave $3,105.
Anne R. Bavier (LL)
Mrs. David P. Bodden 
Cynthia L. DuVall (CE)
Dr. Cheri Etheredge 
Patricia R. Farlow (CE)
Dr. Maggie M. Phoenix Gilead
Cmdr. Norma Jeanne Grenfell
Elizabeth A. Hamilton 
Mary Lou Harp
Elizabeth H. Heimburger 
Emily Lorraine Burdette
Carol C. Humes (CE)
Rebecca Corns Hurwitz 
Sharlene J. Hutchinson (CE)
Margaret Minter Hyatt (CE)
Dr. Maureen R. Killeen 
Eileen M. Lampley 
Dr. Marie Lo Monaco 
Constance M. Malone
Miriam G. McLarty 
Janet S. Nussbaum 
Dorothy Wade Oliver 
Mrs. Carl Rauschenberg (CE)
Dr. Linda F. Samson
Heidi Johnson Shealy (CE)
Ellen M. Shively (CE)
Aloma Sibley (NG)
Karen A. Walborn 
Cheryl A. Whiteman 
Lula M. Williams 
30% of the class gave $3,305.
Lynne Sarafian Anderson (CE)
Ann Strong Anthony (CE)
Dr. Rose B. Cannon (CE)
Barbara Carter 
Dr. Sue Ann Charron 
Mrs. Willard W. Geiger (CE)
Mary Gillmor-Kahn (CE)
Beverly G. Heymsfield 
Betty Isaf
Mrs. David R. Johnson 
Karen Swisher Kesten 
Ellen Parker Kitchens (CE)
Ellen Kruszewski 
Carol Bussey Levy 
Ruth E. O'Shea
Jan P. Richey 
Mrs. Vermell M. Sanford 
Carolyn J. Springfield-Harvey 
JoAnn L. Westrick 
Lynette Wright (CC)
22% of the class gave $1,570.
Sandra Bradley Baden 
Susan L. Bentley
Denise L. Browsky (CE)
Susan Kern Campbell 
Dr. Kathleen S. Cannella 
Judy Chesnutt 
Mary Lisa Chormann 
Linda LaPlante Fahey 
Monique Farill 
Jerrye A. Foreman 
Patricia Hardin Gaspar 
Mary Benz Goldsack (CE)
Patricia Brown Graham 
Jacqueline Caynon Hall (CE)
Jeffrey A. Hill 
Susan Ivey Jones 
Laura Jo Linn
Dr. Katherine Coleman Lundy
Thomas E. Maxwell (CE)
Melissa H. Minteer (NG)
Marilyn V. Mintz 
Suzanne S. Neill 
Dr. Margaret E. Parsons (NG)
Claudia Garrett Ratner (NG)
Brenda S. Rowe 
Dawn W. Satterfield 
Dr. Marianne Scharbo-
   DeHaan (CE)
Dr. Cynthia S. Selleck 
Heidi Johnson Shealy (CE)
Ann Shonkwiler 
Marian M. Smith 
Nancee V. Sneed 
Julie Gilbert Tucker 
Vickie Wells 
Martha G. Westbrook 
Melissa Arnold Wrenn 
26% of the class gave $2,605.
Joanne M. Bell  
Anne E. Bigelow (CE)
Mable S. Carlyle 
Ruth Bope Dangel 
Dr. L. Angelise Davis (CE)
Ruth M. DeLoor (CE)
Cynthia L. DuVall (CE)
Colleen H. Frampton
Helaine A. Fuldauer (CE)
Mary Gavigan Galle
Janet B. Healy
Carol B. Hess
Connie R. Hogan
Sally T. Lehr (LL)
Ellen G. Levitt (CE)
Jere Ziffer Lifshitz (NG)
Rebecca Schrader McMurray
Rosemary Shearin Means 
Mrs. B.J. Reavis Romanoff
Mrs. Cheryl Layton Sanchez 
Barbara Savareese
Carol Logan Smith 
Nancy Begin Taylor (CE)
Carole Kirkland Watson 
Jane White 
E. Susan Williamson 
18% of the class gave $2,490.
Sally Stadler Adams 
Patrica J. Babcock (CE)
Susan M. Birmingham 
Susan E. Boteler 
Suzanne B. Cowdery 
Nancy R. Currier 
Susan M. Engelhardt 
Gayle Garrett (CE)
Lt. Col. Bonnie Harris 
Mary Earle Rice Haynes (CE)
Dr. Beverly K. Johnson 
Gayle Kirkorian (CE)
Elisabeth Bryans Long 
Jeanne McCarthy 
Marcia Koeper McDonnell 
Elaine Hearn Miles (CE)
Cheryl Seavy Murphy (CE)
Dr. Nancee Neel 
Kim Hamilton Neiman 
Kathy Parker 
Rosalie A. Przykucki 
Frances G. Swinson 
Naomi Teperow 
18% of the class gave $1,160.
Nancy S. Adams (CE)
Nancy Olson Benn (CE)
Laura C. Benson 
Kelley Bogle-Peace (NG)
Betty Brusch Broadhurst 
Rebecca S. Bumsted 
Dawn A. Burgstiner 
Cheri Casey 
Marsha F. Cohen 
Deborah G. Cooksey 
Jana Kenyon Evans 
Patricia Hardin Gaspar 
Mimi B. Hable 
Winona Bius Herbik 
Sandra B. Jaffe 
Elizabeth Waddell Lawson
Jane Mashburn (CE)
Caroline Thatcher McArthur 
Dr. Patricia McConnell (CE)
Betty S. McGreevey 
Katherine M. Miller (NG)
Janis C. Munro 
Patricia Ward Murdoch 
Rebecca R. Nowling 
Bonnie L. Owings 
Janet C. Pitts 
Catherine Capehart Pope (CE)
Kirsty F. Ross 
Mary A. Samford 
Cheryl Pandolf Schenk 
Mrs. Marbury T. Stegall 
Marcia Steinberg 
Jane H. Stevens 
Susan Sullivan-Bolyai 
Judy Thibadeau 
Mrs. William Christopher
Karen Wittman Zagoren 
31% of the class gave $2,210.
Susan A. Ashford 
Mary M. Barnett (CE)
Stephanie Beasley 
Mrs. Nichola C. Berry 
Sylvia C. Betts (NG)
Wanda Manning Blount 
Judith R. Bronleewe 
Jodi A. Carner-Higgins 
Judy W. Carter 
Janet Lynne Cash (CE)
Barbara H. Cossman 
Cynthia Newhard Deakin 
Rose C. Dilday (NG)
Robin R. Dorfman 
Christina Freeman Emerson
Tanya Emory 
Susan Flanagan Griggs 
Larri C. Harris Hulse (CE)
Dr. Linda F. Hezel 
Patricia Pittman Hotz 
Sandra H. Jones 
Anne Kramer 
Kay Kuck 
Jane Kelso Lipscomb 
Martia S. Lloyd 
Ginger Lyon 
Laurene B. McAfee 
Susan S. McGuinness 
Karen M. Mullinax (CE)
Ritva P. Porter 
Barbara A. Reed (NG)
Nancy S. Reuter 
Andrea Sciaudone 
Kay D. Sedler 
Mrs. San Harney Short 
Jane Rae Tarlow (CE)
Marie E. Vialet 
31% of the class gave $2,410.
Bettye Diane Arnold (CE)
Patricia M. Baker (CE)
Claudia Calle Beal 
Betty Eileen Boecler
Janet Johnson Cash
Sandra A. Dockett(CC)
Susan B. Doody
Diana Deiss Dowdy 
Amy J. Gaston 
Elwyn Green Godfrey 
Lisa Ann Gray 
The Rev. Shirley S. Guider 
Sally Jo Hale (CE)
Marjorie A. Hamburger 
Pamela Cain Hamilton 
Deborah L. Hamrick (CE)
Barbara Welling Harn 
Twilla L. Haynes 
Robin Kay Hoffecker 
Mrs. W. A. Holby (CE)
Jenny W. Hurd 
Lois S. Marshall 
Thomas E. Maxwell (CE)
Elizabeth H. McGinty 
Susan Corrin Radcliffe 
Nancy Willis Smith 
Chris Testerman 
Carmen G. Woodson (CE)
Linda Kay Worman 
23% of the class gave $2,185.
Susan G. Batten 
Frances A. Childre (CC)
Dorcas Christian 
Donna J. Delowery 
Karen M. Foster 
Elizabeth Turner Gibson (LL)
Dr. Theresa W. Gillespie (CE)
Carolyn Kelley Holder 
Capt. Mary Dawson Lambert 
Mary Duquette Locklear 
Kitty F. MacFarlane 
Dr. Linda L. McCollum (CE)
Sharon Booth Middleton 
Janis C. Munro 
J. Michael Pate (CE)
Mary Virginia Raviotta (CE)
Margaret A. Shaw 
Laura Blankenship Strange 
Dr. Judith Lupo Wold 
Rebecca L. Yates 
Margaret Gilmore Yeakel (CE)
15% of the class gave $1,490.
Katherine Maclure Ahrens 
Regina J. Armistead 
Shari Margolin Baccari 
Marianne Saunorus Baird 
Judy Chesnutt 
Stephanie Merrill Child (CE)
Martha J. Chovan 
Sandra D. Clements 
Catherine J. Futch (CE)
Anne Levorsen Hammer 
Sandra Gabriel Hanna 
Patricia E. Hunt-Volmer 
Deborah Scanlon Klein 
Linda Lou Landstrom 
Margaret Panzer Pemberton 
Karen R. Raymund (CE)
The Rev. Carolyn Sue Richar 
Nancy Wallace Shiles 
Susan S. Sutin 
Catherine D. Thomas 
Patricia Tobin-Howe (CE)
Marlot Wilson Wigginton 
Sandy S. Wilhoit (CE)
Gloria Ruth Winters (CE)
Mary E. Wright 
16% of the class gave $1,465.
Margaret Jowdy Bassett 
Barbara J. Chandler 
Phyllis Temple Craighead 
Joy C. Eastridge 
Barbara A. Farley (CE)
Karen K. Gross 
Dianne W. Hiltman (CE)
Cecilia M. Jevitt 
Kristin Hoffman Jones 
Georgia M. Kerrick 
Brenda M. Knaack 
Lori L. Landis (CE)
Lorrie A. Long 
Maureen M. Schreibfeder (CE)
Linda Phillips Shaw 
Ruth Sherry 
Rosanne Shinkle (CE)
Deborah R. Silverstein 
Barbara Sverdlik (CE)
E. Jane Watson 
Shari Kathleen Whittle 
19% of the class gave $1,270.
Randi Margolis Berkowitz 
Sharron Elizabeth 
   Bradley (CE)
Janet L. Brodie 
Ruth E. Cole 
S. Renea Doughton (CE)
Anne Hurley Finlayson (CE)
Nancy Isbell Fleming 
Ellen Marie Hamilton-Morris 
Mary Hammad 
Carol E. Hayes 
Kay L. Johnson (CE)
Dr. Carolyn A. Kinzer-
Eva S. Paulen (CE)
Deborah Villines Peterman 
Kimberly D. Riedy 
Barbara Joy Rogers (CE)
Miriam P. Rogers-Stark 
Melissa C. Sisson (CE)
Janet L. Thigpen 
Mary E. Veach 
Judy A. Wells (CE)
Katherine A. Yeager 
19% of the class gave $1,355.
JoEllen Blake-Wingate (CE)
Sandra D. Burgner 
Vicki L. Chunn 
Cheryl Berkey Clement 
Catherine H. Craven (CE)
Linda Shepherd Dial 
Janet L. Groves 
Constance M. Haddad (CE)
Lt. Col. Betty C. Jones 
Kay Kuck 
Sandra Tatarsky Leff (CE)
Nancy Munro 
Rebecca R. Nowling 
Diane Pearl Pelletier 
Julia Anne Gass Phillips 
Dawn Loh Ross (CE)
Patricia Ann Thobe (NG)
Frances C. Vinson 
Pamela D. Walden 
18% of the class gave $1,365.
Mary Hannah Benek 
Susan M. Clevenger 
Mary Kaye Collins 
Linda C. Francis (CE)
Mary Gillmor-Kahn (CE)
Barbara W. Graves (CE)
Francine Klein Greiner 
Larri C. Harris Hulse (CE)
Joan M. Harrison 
Litia West Harrison (CE)
Majorie Doreen Henricks (CE)
Elizabeth Katt 
Carolyn Scheil Keister 
Catherine Pardy Macomber 
Bonnie L. Minter 
Kelly Hampton Nadeau 
Lisa M. Reisman 
Dr. Tanya Marie Robinson 
Doris I. Saade 
Kimberly Ann Severn-Brown 
Dr. Theresa Ann Sipe 
Cherie B. Smith 
Leslie Smith 
Catherine E. Smythe (CE)
Cindy Jones Stone 
Susan A. Walsh 
25% of the class gave $1,440.
Carol I. Booth (CE)
Helen Corrigan Cuneo 
Sharon Sloan Dillman 
Georgia Crossley Dunagan 
Joan Burke Durdin (CE)
Judy Parsons Fielder 
Carolyn Hahn-Swanson (CC)
Jan K. Koebbe 
Patricia H. Lauricella 
Patricia M. Lee (CE)
Susan Andrews McCarthy 
Lt. Col. Teresa Parsons (NG)
Elizabeth O'Neil Poundstone 
Jane L. Robertson 
Judith Lee Roy 
Catherine M. Salazar 
Carol Walker Schrader 
Caroline G. Searls 
Susanne Tunno Slocum (CE)
Capt. Dennis James Sullivan
Barbara Sverdlik (CE)
Sharon E. Swain 
Carla Jean Syverson 
Lucy C. Willis 
19% of the class gave $1,350.
Joan M. Beard 
Nancy Naucke Buist 
Beverly A. Dinkins 
Norma J. Fitzgerald 
Ann M. Hall 
Barbara Peek Hanley 
Carol E. Hayes 
Mary Anne McKee 
Jo Ann Morris 
Patricia L. Owen 
Shannon Shakkour 
Helene F. Shleifer 
Jane Mary Skvarich 
Ellen C. Smith 
Debra D. Sommers 
Rosalyn Renee Thomas 
E. Jane Watson 
Gayle Bryant Wolfe 
Ruth L. Yerkes 
16% of the class gave $570.
Lydia Wang Adams 
Katherine Maclure Ahrens 
Helen C. Bauer 
Vickie G. Boynton  
Nedra Burns Byers  (CE)
Lisa Antionette Clark (CE)
William B. Cook
Susan E. Dollar
Dianna G. Farmer
Karen Krull Hooten
Elizabeth N. Irvin
Mrs. Cam Bates Joel
Andrea J. Kippels
LuAnn Schramm Marlow  
Pamela S. Melbourne (NG)
Barbara Winters Mills  
Sally A. Monroe 
Dawn E. Raymond 
Jean B. Rea (NG)
Julie Ann Sabo 
Judith E. Schmitt 
Gail C. Sehr 
Carolyn Elaine Steed 
Judith A. Vance (CE)
Roxanne M. Welsch 
20% of the class gave $1,165.
Catherine Renee Bomar 
Denise Renee Elliott 
Terri W. Harper
Richard D. Humes
Marjorie S. Johnson 
Jeannine Grant Jones 
Patricia Jo Marshall 
Kathleen C. Menard 
Lorie A. Reed (CE)
Amy B. Rossio  
Carol Walker Schrader  
Candace W. Thompson (CE)
Lisa D. Voigt 
Jennifer Susan Webster  
Sheryl Ann Wells (CE)
10% of the class gave $740.
Susan Scott Adams
Laura Kim Baraona
Janet Carol Borden
Patricia Martin Born
Karen N. Calhoun 
Susan L. Carney-Tiessen 
Jennifer M. Colbaugh  
Deborah Young Dinsmoor (CE)
Susan B. Doyle  
Marjorie G. Frazier (NG)
Robin Renee Gwin  
Susan B. Herrold (CE)
Sarah Edwards Higgins 
Lynne S. Hutson
Mona Izadi  
Diane I. Leonall  
Jane Kelso Lipscomb  
Kristin Huff Martin (CE)
Dawn Marie Nation (CE)
Janis L. Niesse 
Ann L. Parsons  
Margaret A. Payne 
Elizabeth Jean Roland  
Sonia Artrice Smith  
Sheridan Hyde Spencer (CE)
Jonne Jo Sveum  
Patricia Waller  
Marguerite L. Wiggs-Leach  
Marilyn J. Wiley  
27% of the class gave $1,429.
Jewell Allen-Walker 
Jennifer F. Ballantine 
Ginger F. Beecher 
Sharon Mae Behan 
Caroline Bowers-Birchmore 
Alicia V. Casucci 
Deborah Elaine Drummonds 
Ramona Jeannine Goetz (CE)
Carol Ann Gourley 
Carolyn W. Grigg 
Caryn Schloss Hanrahan (CE)
Holly Barnes Holton 
Judith Louise Kuehnert 
Elisabeth D. Leonard 
Kitty F. MacFarlane 
Rita Anne Mehlan 
Jill M. Nielsen 
Barbara J. Obloy 
Lorie A. Reed (CE)
Dianne Bernier Sauve 
Carol Spoor-Sandefur (NG)
John G. Summerville III 
Charlotte A. Thompson 
Betsy Nora Ward 
Linda Lee Wetherbee 
15% of the class gave $1,410.
Kim Bell 
Shannon Woodall Betsill (CE)
Glenda H. Bryant 
Hollie Beth Devine 
Jennie S. Dubosky 
Bonnie Ingram Epps 
Dee Ann Green-Lester 
Linda Gail Hancock 
Michelle Day Harkins 
Mary Hickey Hartman (CE)
Shawn Murphy Hitchcock 
Gwendolyn C. Jones (CE)
Donna Ridley Kauffman 
Donna W. Loupus 
Kimberly A. McLaughlin 
Sarah McCrary Montgomery 
Lois Brumley Morrell (CE)
Kim Marie Parylovich 
Nancy Beth Rabin (CE)
Dawn E. Raymond 
Mary Jane Richman 
Amy M. Schneider 
R. Dianne Williams (CE)
Glenda S. Wooten 
14% of the class gave $1,405.
Margaret Mary Arnold 
Kim Jane Bruner 
Nedra Burns Byers (CE)
Mary H. Campbell (CE)
Barbara J. Carroll (CE)
June Neil Dysinger 
Sara M. Edwards 
Suzanne Marie Gill 
Susan Flanagan Griggs 
Maria Hanik 
Anne F. Holthaus 
Jeanne Elizabeth Lunsford 
Jacqueline A. McCourt 
Deborah M. McCree 
Diane Lynn Padden 
Beverly LaNell Patton 
Jane Ferry Peck 
Bette Alexandria Perkins 
Joanne Alaine Risby 
Sharon E. Swain 
R. Dianne Williams (CE)
Susan Jones Willson (CE)
13% of the class gave $1,050.
Heidi Beth Cohn (CE)
Pamela D. Cosper 
Tina Marie Daly 
Penny Louise Flavin 
Una M. Folan 
Margaret Read Henry (CE)
Christine Hilderbrandt 
Teresa Lynn Jenkins-McCord 
Ether S. Joe (CE)
Elisabeth Ann Johnson 
Ancel Beatrice Lawrence 
Elizabeth L. Pollock (CE)
Anna Maria Simon (CE)
Colette A. Thompson 
Susan Wheeler Walter 
Linda Lee Wetherbee 
10% of the class gave $897.
Jeryi Lyn Amason 
Annette Louise Clairy 
Joan Elizabeth Ernst 
Angela Freeman Finlayson 
Mary Sue Hawkins 
Maj. Kathleen Ryan Jarboe 
Nancy Duke King 
Nicole Marie Lescota (CE)
Dawn Marie Nation (CE)
Allyson M. Neal 
Jill M. Nielsen 
Jacqueline May Pynn (CE)
Susan K. Swan 
Lisa D. Voigt 
Susan Eckart Ward (CE)
Susan Diller West 
8% of the class gave $815.
Christine Bloom Barrett 
Christa Robin Bennington 
Elizabeth T. Choate (CE)
Sharon Michelle Crisson (CE)
Hollie Beth Devine 
S. Renea Doughton (CE)
Susan Elaine Eldred 
Paige Michelle Fakouri 
Kim Keller Hart-Gosnell 
Eleanor A. Hobgood 
Holly Barnes Holton 
Edgar H. Jett 
Danielle Jeanine Kardell 
Catherine McGovern 
Janna Melsness 
Mary D. Peterson 
Liesel Erlbeck Sloan 
Linda Diana Southerd 
Allison L. Stubbs (CE)
Catherine Marie Stubsten 
Melinda Lee Tully 
Jana Hostetler Whaley 
10% of the class gave $1,010.
Demetrice M. Askew (CE)
Melissa Dawn McElreath 
Elisabeth Eileen Seal 
Susan Eckart Ward (CE)
Kevin Lee Callaway 
Kathleen Duncan Cuneo 
Mitzi D. Lewis 
Ellen Kay Long (CE)
Huguette G. Shepard 
Friends of the School
Allan T. Abess Jr. (CE)
Daryle Anthony Adams 
Douglas C. Adams (CE)
Young W. Ahn (CE)
Dr. Anton M. Allen 
Dr. Lee T. Allen
Maritta T. Allison 
Cathryn L. Anderson (CC)
Diane Arnold (CC)
Mary Weaver Arnold (CE)
Oscar L. Ayers Jr. 
Warner King Babcock (CE)
Dr. T. James Baden 
Ellen Agnor Bailey (NG)
Wayne S. Bailey (NG)
John M. Ball 
W. Daniel Barker (LL) 
Dr. Marshal A. Baughcum 
Dr. Ernest W. Beasley III 
Nancy I. Belin 
Mrs. Billy S. Bell 
Keith M. Bentley 
Pam Benvenue (CE)
Angela L. Best (CE)
Dr. Charles F. Betts Jr. (NG)
Bernard L. Blackwell (CE)
Mark D. Blackwell
Alberta Blanton 
JoAnne Bookout 
Gary H. Boteler 
M. T. Boynton Jr. (NG)
Dr. Wayne D. Bradley (CE)
Ruth C. Branch 
Katherine F. L. Breen (CE)
Daniel Fergerson Brewster 
Lt. Col. Robert Broadhurst III 
Dr. Scott H. Bronleewe 
Mrs. V. B. Brookshaw
Jo Ann G. Brown (CE)
Mrs. George W. Brumley (CC)
Barbara A. Bruno 
Helen V. Burst (CE)
Floyd Bushey 
Dr. David R. Butcher (CE)
Donald F. Cady 
David M. Calhoun 
Elaine Callaway 
Steven Callaway 
Catherine L. Campbell 
Dr. Sammy C. Campbell 
John D. Cannon (CE)
Carolyn M. Carpenter (CE)
J. Wallace Carpenter (CE)
Chaplain William T. Carter 
Bobby Earl Catchings 
Drs. JoAn and William Chace
Dr. Myung Yong Chang (NG)
Harmon B. Clemmons 
Dr. Stephen L. Cochi 
Dr. Richard B. Colditz 
Mary Kay Collins 
Mitra M. Collins
Dr. Albert O. Colquitt Jr.
Elizabeth B. Connell 
Leckie S. Conners 
Gail L. Coombs 
Charles B. Copher (CE)
Mary W. Courtney 
Dr. John S. Cowdery Jr. 
Leslie H. Crawford 
Dr. Bradford L. Currier
Bettye Damm (CE)
The Rev. Sally V. Daniel 
Dr. Eb Daniels III (NG)
Dr. Camille Davis-Williams
Dr. Christi Deaton 
Dr. William Michael Dell 
Dr. Mitchell F. Dillman
Dr. Colleen DiIorio (CE)
Dr. Madge M. Donnellan
Dr. Alan R. Dorfman 
Kenneth J. Dorsey (CE)
Virginia P. Drewry 
Chris H. Dunagan 
Dr. Sandra B. Dunbar (CE)
Dr. David W. DuVall (CE)
Dr. William H. Earley (CE)
Dr. Wesley V. Eastridge
Melis R. Edel (LL)
Mike S. Eidson Jr. (CE)
Steve Ellwood 
Nancy Elsea 
Dr. William R. Elsea 
Dr. Rodman Emory 
Helen B. Epps 
Eunice K.M. Ernst (NG)
Joseph D. Evans 
Mrs. Patricia G. Evans 
Dr. Deborah F. Fernhoff 
Dr. Paul M. Fernhoff 
Dr. Rod C. Finlayson (CE)
James A. Fleming 
Dr. Gerald F. Fletcher 
Johanna E. Flynn (CE)
Janet E. Forbes (CE)
Alice M. Forman
Joyce Foster (CE)
Dr. T. Gray Fountain 
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Fox
Dr. P. Bailey Francis (CE)
Dr. Annette C. Frauman
Dr. Malcolm G. Freeman (CE)
Elaine Fresco 
Julian R. Friedman (CE)
Hilary Cherry Gardner 
Dr. Richard W. Garnett Jr. 
Dr. James D. Gaspar 
Dr. Schley Gatewood Jr. (NG)
Dr. and Mrs. T. Schley
   Gatewood Sr. (CE)
Dr. Dean W. Geheber 
Dr. Gary A. Glasser 
Dr. S. Guy Gordon (CE)
Dr. Margaret Leah Gorman 
Denise M. Grant (CE)
Dr. Willard H. Grant 
The Hon. William F. Grant
Dr. Patricia Hogan Graves
Dr. William L. Graves (CE)
Nancy Green 
Victoria Green (CE)
Yvonne T. Green (CE)
Tanya H. Guldenschuh
Dr. David E. Hallstrand Sr. (CE)
Dr. W. David Hammad 
Dr. Byron F. Harper III 
Geneva N. Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank Harris 
T. E. Hatcher (CE)
Dr. A. Eugene Hauck (CE)
Susan E. Hetherington
Dr. Steven B. Heymsfield 
Paul D. Hiltman (CE)
Dr. Thomas L. Hodges Jr. 
Florence M. Hodgson 
W. A. Holby (CE)
Dr. Benjamin Royce Holton
Dr. Samuel E. Horne Jr. (CE)
Laurens W. Horstman (CE)
Dr. Floreine H. Hudson 
Dr. Charles L. Hutchinson
Dr. Irwin T. Hyatt Jr. (CE)
Margaret J. Imbertson
Fred T. Isaf 
Alan D. Johns
Cathy C. Johnson (CC)
Dr. Timothy R. B. Johnson
C. Robert Jones Jr. 
Dr. Charles S. Jones Jr. 
Sharon M. Jones (CE)
Dr. John F. Kappler Jr.
Dr. Brighid Kelly (CE)
Diane B. Kelly (CE)
Grady D. Kicklighter 
Dr. Frank D. Kilgo 
J. Stanton King (CE)
William H. Kitchens (CE)
Dr. Luella Klein (NG)
Thomas F. Kruszewski
Dr. Philip R. Kuehnert 
Lois and Lucy Lampkin (LL)
Dr. James and Berta Laney
Dr. James F. Langford (CC)
J. Patrick Lawery (CE)
Dr. J. Mark Lawson (CE)
Amanda Leach 
Dr. Frank Lechner 
Ira M. Leff (CE)
Dr. Ralph R. Lehr II (LL) 
John Richard Leidel (CE)
Myrtle Levie
Linda Levinson
Dr. Richard M. Levinson
Dr. Michael J. Levitt (CE)
Deborah Sachs Levy 
Dr. L. W. LeHeup Jr. (CE)
Paul Littrell (LL)
Eugene Ray Long (CE)
Dr. Marilyn J. Lotas (CE)
Ruth Watson Lubic (CE)
Cecil R. Mabry
Elizabeth R. Mabry
Gladys J. Mahone estate (LL)
Mary M. Malone (CE)
Laureen Mann
Catherine C. Manson
Kathy Markowski
Dr. Daniel C. Martin (LL)
Ellen Martin (CE)
James T. Mash Jr. 
Julia C. Mathias
Annette James Maxwell (CE)
Linda Mayberry (CE)
Linda Lowery McCann (CE)
Adrienne Petty McDade 
Dr. Wallace McDonald 
Robert H. McDonnell 
Thomas E. McDonough Jr. 
The Rev. Joseph McGahey Sr.
Michael N. McGinty 
Dr. Henry D. McIntosh (CE)
Mr. Joseph S. McKee
Dr. E. Lynn McLarty
Dr. Patricia Herndon Meadors
Dr. Jack Megenity 
Dr. Jean S. Megenity 
Richard E. Mehlan 
Ralph V. Melbourne Jr. (CE)
Dr. Dale Anthony Menard Jr. 
Mrs. Donald K. Ming 
Dr. William E. Mock (CE)
Margaret F. Moloney 
William D. Montgomery 
Lucy A. Moose (CE)
Janet P. Moseley 
Dr. Jane S. Mulaik (CE)
Dr. William B. Mullins (CE)
Dr. John Stuart Munro 
Dr. Frederick B. Murphy (CE)
William E. Nall 
Dr. Lynda P. Nauright (CE)
Harriet H. Neely 
Dr. Darryl B. Neill
Dr. Alvah J. Nelson III (CE)
E. Anne Nelson 
Mabel Elaine Nelson 
Ms. Ruth M. Newcomb 
Drs. Donald C. and Helen
   O'Shea (NG)
Alexander Orr V
Dr. James C. Pace 
Dr. Giglia A. Parker 
James A. Parker 
Lola E. Parks 
Dr. W. Scott Parks Jr. (CE)
Doris Brown Paul (CE)
Katherine A. Penland 
T. E. Penland Jr. 
Laura Porter (CE)
R. Clay Porter
Anthony N. Potter Jr. (LL) 
Dr. Hugh W. Randall Jr. (CC)
Janet S. Rankin (CE)
Dr. Ian M. Ratner (NG)
Roger C. Rea (CE)
Barbara D. Reeves 
Mary Nell Reeves 
Dr. A. Gerald Reisman 
Dr. Hugh M. Richards (CE)
Eleanor L. Richardson (CE)
Dr. and Mrs. Russell
   Richardson (CE)
Dr. Emile Degree Risby 
Elizabeth Ann Robertson (CE)
Dr. Michael S. Robinowitz
Carole C. Robinson 
The Rev. Morrell S. Robinson
Dr. Donald G. Rosenberg
Dr. John E. Rowe (CC)
Joyce S. Rowell 
Kenneth C. Royston 
Dr. Jacob R. Rozier 
Lester and Dorothy Rumble Family (CC)
Faye F. Russell estate (CE)
Rita C. Salain (CE)
Dr. Marla E. Salmon (LL)
Mark I. Samson 
June M. Sangala (CE)
Anne Schnedl 
Dr. Dirk Cameron Schrader
Marsha Scott 
Anne Scupholme (CE)
Dr. Sandra B. Sexson 
Dr. William R. Sexson
Alexander E. Sharp (LL) 
Dr. Thomas A. Shealy III (CE)
Jian Shen
Dr. Nison H. Shleifer 
Doris T. Shockley
Judy Silverman (CE)
Dr. Mark Ian Silverstein
Dr. C. Granville Simmons 
Angela Renee Simpson 
Anna K. Smillie 
Eugene G. Smith 
Ida Baugh Smith 
Dr. J. Connor Smith 
Ruth R. Smith 
Spencer M. Smith 
George A. Snelling (LL) 
Cubbedge Snow Jr. (CE)
A. Terry Sorrells 
Dr. Cyril Otis Spann Jr. (CC)
Mae Frances Spencer 
Fred R. Stanton (CE)
Karen V. Stark (CE)
Vallie D. Staten 
Raymond Hance Stegall 
Connie R. Stockdale
Bishop Mack B. Stokes 
Mrs. Mack B. Stokes 
Dr. John H. Stone III (CE)
Ora L. Strickland 
Dr. Cary E. Sullivan (CE)
Dr. Robert J. Sullivan Jr. (CE)
Mary B. Summerville 
Rhea M. Sumpter 
Alan N. Sutin 
Howard C. Swanson (NG)
David E. Swindall 
J. Kenneth and Rosalie Y.
Dr. Howard J. Tatum 
Dr. Donald R. Taylor (CE)
Ethel R. Taylor 
Gerald C. Taylor 
Mary Jane Taylor 
Dr. Robert L. Taylor Sr. 
Dr. John D. Thompson (NG)
The Rev. William C. Thore 
Mary M. Tierney 
Sally Austen Tom 
Dorothy J. Tracy 
Robert Trauner 
Dr. Marvin T. Travis 
Dr. John S. Turner Jr. (QS)
Laura J. Turner 
Julian A. Turrentine Jr.
Maud L. Tyler 
Darla Ura 
Pat Howard Wade 
Sanna Wagner 
Sara Waryas 
Nell H. Watt (CE)
Dr. Hillard S. Weinstock 
Anna Frances Wenger 
Marion R. Wenger 
Mary Ellen West
Dr. Claire M. Westdahl (CE)
Robert Louis Westdahl (CE)
Mrs. Larry C. White 
Charlotte Wilen 
Dr. Randall D. Wilhoit III
Elizabeth R. Williams 
Melvin Williams (CC)
Ruth Dimick Williams estate
Dr. William F. Willis VI
Augusta M. Willson (QS)
William H. Willson Jr. (CE)
Eartha R. Wilson 
Mary Belle Wilson
Becky A. Winslow (CE)
Ronald I. Wolfson (CE)
Mary F. Woody (LL)
Katherine Wordeman (CC)
Dr. Jack Work (CE)
Sandra Helm Workman 
Dr. Keith D. Wrenn 
Dr. Morgan D. Wynne Jr. 
Dr. Christopher Yeakel (CE)
Dr. Shantilata Yohan 
Dr. Walter Yohan 
Jay L. Zagoren

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