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Predictive Health
Predictive Health Symposium
Links Molecular Studies and Population Health
The fourth annual Emory/Georgia Tech Predictive Health Symposium, Dec. 15-16, features more than 20 speakers from academia, government, and industry discussing the integration of biology, behavior and environment, including genetics, pharmacogenomics, metabolomics, health care delivery and economics, prospective medicine, and public health. View the agenda and register . . .
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Rapid Screening Test Detects Early Alzheimer's Disease

A new screening test that combines cognitive screening with a functional activities questionnaire will allow physicians to correctly classify early stages of cognitive impairment. Early detection is key to maintaining a good quality of life for as long as possible. Read more . . .
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Dennis Liotta
Dennis Liotta, PhD
Emory-S. Africa Drug Training Partnership Creates New Model for Entrepreneurs

Chemist Dennis Liotta, whose drug discovery successes are among the most widely prescribed HIV therapies worldwide, is translating his skills to an ambitious Emory partnership with South Africa. Supported by the Emory Global Health Institute, the training program is transferring drug discovery expertise to an area of the world that needs it most. Read more . . .
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HIV vaccine
Researchers Take Stock After a Promising HIV Vaccine Falters
Researchers at the Emory Vaccine Center's Hope Clinic were primary participants in a national clinical trial of a promising HIV vaccine developed by Merck. Since the trial was halted abruptly last year, scientists have been moving forward using important lessons learned. Read more. . .
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Ernest Garcia
Ernest Garcia, PhD

Sound Science: A Dynamic Diagnostic Toolbox for Cardiac Care
Listen to "Sound Science" as radiologist Ernest Garcia discusses an expansive set of software imaging tools created by him and his colleagues that give physicians a thorough and efficient method of diagnosing heart disease. The Emory Cardiac Toolbox is used all over the world. Read more. . .

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