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  a MAY 30, 2008 a
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Dr. Robert Pollet  
Research Program at Atlanta VA Medical Center Among Nation's Tops
Through a long-standing partnership, virtually all the medical staff at the Atlanta VA Medical Center are Emory faculty. Researchers at the Atlanta VA bring in funding that places the facility among the nation's top centers. The Health Sciences Community Benefits Report highlights VA research. Read more . . .
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First Transgenic Huntington's Primate Model  
First Transgenic Huntington's Primate Model Could Lead to Therapy Breakthroughs
Scientists have developed the first transgenic nonhuman primate model of Huntington's disease, one of the most devastating human neurodegenerative diseases. This pioneering discovery could lead to potential therapies and nonhuman primate models of other genetic diseases. Read more . . .
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Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder  
The Emotional Fallout of War
Virtual reality therapy combining a computerized Iraq scenario with a small dose of an old tuberculosis drug is helping veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. More than 52,000 veterans of Iraq or Afghanistan have been treated or evaluated for PTSD. Read more . .
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Atlant Region Ranks Fifth in PErcentage of Higher Ed Research Spending
ARCHE Report: Atlanta Ranks Fifth in Percentage of Higher Ed Research Spending
Atlanta was one of only five U.S. metro areas reporting higher education research spending of $1 billion or more in FY 2005. In an analysis of U.S. Department of Education data, Atlanta ranked fifth in the percentage of total higher education spending devoted to research, coming in at 17 percent
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International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi  
Emory Medical Faculty Reside in India as Part of Global Vaccine Partnership
A partnership between Emory and the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in New Delhi will develop vaccines for some of the world's deadliest diseases.  This includes a vaccine aimed at the strain of HIV most prevalent in India, the first time such a vaccine has been targeted for the people of that country. Read more . . .
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Mechanism of Nuclear Hormone Receptor Action  
Learning How Some Breast Cancers Resist Tamoxifen Could Help Improve Treatment
Researchers are discovering why some breast cancers are able to resist the chemotherapy drug tamoxifen. A tiny modification called methylation, which tags estrogen receptors, prolongs the life of these growth-driving molecules in breast cancer cells.
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